Yang Yang is one of the rare films where the filmmakers’ daring use of mise en scene, performance, and cinematography are in perfect sync with each other, resulting in a work so compelling and innovative, I can honestly say I have never seen or experienced anything quite like it before. 


With Yang Yang, Cheng Yu-Chieh and his collaborators have achieved an inventive yet completely assured new way of storytelling, and it is both inspiring and humbling to see a young director like Yu-Chieh so in command of his medium.  Even weeks after seeing the film, the stunning opening and ending sequences are still constantly running in my mind…

 Arvin Chen 陳駿霖




在《陽陽》一片中, 鄭有傑和他的伙伴們開創了一種全新的說故事方法。看著像有傑這樣年輕的導演,操作起電影這個媒介卻如此得心應手,這無形中激勵了我,同時也提醒我要更虛心學習。觀賞《陽陽》是好幾個星期前的事了,但那驚人的開場戲和結尾仍然在我的腦海中不斷地重複播放著……

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【陽陽】鄭有傑作品 8/7上映

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